How do you create a map?

You schematise the world. You signify, you symbolise. You leave elements out, while drawing attention to others. On a map, every detail of the territory can’t be displayed. If it were, the map would be identical to the very territory it represents, as per Borges excellent story, On Exactitude in…

Umberto Boccioni, 1913, Dynamism of a Cyclist

I spend my working days at a company that builds a social media management platform for charities. We recently conducted user testing on landing pages that advertised our product and kicked off our onboarding process. The idea was to explicitly ‘get across’ what our platform was like prior to having…

Vikram Singh

Lead UX @lightful. MSc in HCI Writes about UX, Philosophy of tech, Media, Cognition, et cetera. for deeper takes.

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